Podium RVA
2019 Impact Report

Supporting Youth in the Richmond Area


Project Write Now

Ages 10-14

Empowers middle school children to discover the value of writing in the modern world and finding their voices in the through fun, focused writing prompts and communication exercises. During programs, youth discuss idea about identity, culture and community while learning the basics of writing forms.


Power of the Pen

Ages 14-19

Provide opportunity for high schoolers to build academic writing and critical thinking skills through advanced writing workshops. Teens develop confidence in written voice, communication, and public speaking and explore professional and collegiate writing to prepare for post-graduation.


Graduate On Time & Pass Their 11th Grade SOLs



Feel Supported By Adult Mentors
"Writing allows me to slow my thought process, elaborate and develop ideas that would otherwise be untouched."
- Hank, Open High School
Youth love how writing makes them feel.

"I want to learn more in the thing I know the least in."

Go to college or university

Podium Alumni have attended Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Union University, Old Dominion University, University of Virginia, University of Richmond, University of Mary Washington, College of William & Mary, and Mary Baldwin College.

Why Podium?

"The creative possibilities, the accepting atmosphere, the caring mentors."

"I like Podium because it is a great, safe, and creative space to express myself."

"I enjoy the time i get to spend with my friends and write and express myself."

Of Middle Schoolers

Say writing makes them feel good and positive.

Agree that they improved their writing.

Feel respected and included at Podium.

"I feel like people will not listen to me,
but my pencil and paper have no choice."

Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher

Say Podium has had a positive impact on their writing

Missed fewer than 9 days of school

Total Number of Youth Served: 510
Total Hours of Instruction: 400