Podium 2024
Young Professionals Board

Podium RVA’s Young Professionals (YP) Board shapes the future of youth education by supporting the growth of young professionals across Greater Richmond. The YP Board creates opportunities for young leaders to build relationships, expand skills, and advance their careers. Meeting monthly, YP Board members organize awareness events, socials, give-back nights, and engage in professional mentorship alongside our Board of Directors. All resources and fundraising conducted by the YP Board supports Podium youth writers in their programs, publications, and showcases.



YP Board Officers

Jillian Olson, MSW, Board Chair

Richmond Behavioral Health Authority

Kayleigh Crandell, Vice Chair

Weinstein JCC

Sarah Pentecost, Communications & Events Chair

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality


Phyl Demetriou


Tristan Wynn

Podium Alum